Over 500 square metres of exhibition space, installed beneath the marine-life tanks of the Genoa Aquarium, offer a virtual tour of prehistoric abysses. By combining the most advanced technology with strictly scientific content, the exhibition is able to offer visitors an innovative edutainment experience, using time machines, virtual reality, a palaeontology laboratory, full-sized reproductions of animals and original interactivity solutions; including the X-Ray station and the Selfie Shark.
The strong point of the visit experience is the “time machine” which, thanks to up-to-the-minute virtual reality, takes visitors hundreds of millions of years into the past. The VR area features ten dynamic armchairs connected to Samsung Gear VR viewers that can travel 360° in time and space, going deep into prehistoric oceans to discover huge marine predators such as Liopleurodon, Tylosaurus and Cryptoclidus.