Al Ain Oasis - Eco Center
Al Ain
On the edge of Al Ain Oasis, an eco-friendly honeycomb hosts the Eco Centre in which visitors enjoy a fully immersive experience, in Arabic and English, using multimedia installations developed by ETT S.p.A. Each station presents a significant element of the oasis, taking full advantage of the latest multimedia technologies and offering a playful and interactive way to learn. An immersive film experience rounds off the visit, completing and enriching the narration of a historic oasis ecosystem, explaining its importance and providing insights for a sustainable future. ETT S.p.A also developed the West Gate Interactive Exhibition, as well as a mobile app which, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon Technology, guides visitors within Al Ain Oasis. The app enhances the tour experience with supporting multimedia content (video, audio, photo gallery) and a gaming feature linked to the unique vegetation of Al Ain Oasis.