A come Ambiente
A look to world to find out the right way to interact with the environment and to preserve it. This is what wants to be the A come Ambiente Museum of Turin, the first museum in Europe entirely dedicated to environmental issues. Here, visitors can enjoy an immersive and highly interactive experience, thanks to the use of new technologies which improve the use of content from the public. The visit has been expanded with new points of interest, designed and built by ETT, placed between the first and the second floor of the Museum, and included in the two mark areas of interest Waste and Feeding. In March it will be inaugurated a new pavillio, the Shell, a meeting space with a projection system and an exhibit that allows visitors, through Oculus technology, to live an experience of Virtual Reality in a space station. Of this new area will also be part an inflatable planetarium that, thanks to a high-definition projector, will enable the visitor to live an exciting astronomical exper